Space, movement, time, the figure is central to my work developing my work. The body moves through space every day, and within my work I try to capture a moment. Not in a dictatorial fashion, but in a way that creates options to expand an idea; open ended and grows a sense of progression in the development of a piece. The evolution of my work develops through all manner of processes or through just viewing an object, or a passing that sparks an idea. Taking consideration of how that moment moves through its entity, developing consideration of the line, shape and tone of the human form in that moment. Endeavouring to identify the feelings and emotions of the people that are encountered in everyday life through the abstraction of the forms I create. Experimenting with material is essential to my practise, helping the material to speak and develop its own movement within a work. With a strong emphasis on using sustainable materials I allow the forms to develop their own narrative as I work, helping to conclude a moment in time that relates to where the body has passed. All the materials used come from sustainable sources and reclaimed materials, all from my locality. I like to use both shape and colour to emphasis the quality of the materials used. Using both traditional and modern woodworking techniques my work ranges in decorative and practical homeware.